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Les Maisons de Campagne

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Better than a hotel, a home,

Better than a house, time to enjoy it!

For those who prefer to live the hours rather than counting them, the Les hôtels (Très) Particuliers group has created Maisons de Campagne: exceptional settings less than an hour from Paris where you can experience a unique reconnection with nature. 

In a former hunting lodge of the Sun King's, which has the gift of dazzling, or in a medieval castle that awakens the imagination as soon as it opens its gates; listed national forest, moat and majestic high towers, the bucolic setting blends with the joys of free access. From the activities to the food, everything is designed to make your stay in the countryside as light as possible.

Les Maisons de Campagne is the answer to a desire to break away from city life and rediscover a carefree spirit. And if the ticking of the second hand can be heard from old clocks, time knows how to slow down until it is forgotten in these serene settings, where you feel invited. Invited, and free to make yourself at home, to help yourself as much as you like: here, the fridge is like every afternoon, systematically well-stocked.

The all-inclusive offer makes the promise of an exclusive experience, that of being able to cut yourself off from everything without taking care of anything. This is how Les Maisons de Campagne cultivates the secret of memorable getaways.


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La Folie Douce Hotels Chamonix

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Democratize a former snow palace and turn it into a vibrant place to live? That's the crazy idea behind the first La Folie Douce Hôtel, inaugurated in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in 2018. A hybrid and unifying concept: intergenerational, festive and very gourmet, this unusual hotel reinvents the mountain destination, all year round.

La Folie Douce lures guests into the Alps for a wild escape: the decor, which combines raw concrete walls and whimsical elements, is suddenly enriched with objects from its past, when the establishment was still a palace. Immersing guests in the festivities from the moment they arrive, the atmosphere is electrified even before they have unpacked their bags. And the next day, the whole place is transformed into a cabaret, where you can enjoy the show with a glass of Cabernet.

Show ahead!

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(Very) special places

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Giving boutique hotels back their uniqueness! Two hotels in the Serre Chevallier valley with great potential, exploited outside our signature (very) singular way.

Rock Noir Hotel (32 rooms)

Hôtel Le Monetier (21 rooms)

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We make the same uncompromising promise to connoisseurs and amateurs, professionals and travellers alike:

"The art of wine to be lived and shared

By offering destinations that enhance the moments shared around wine and the best of each region's heritage. By creating a multi-faceted hospitality and wellness offer, for complete immersion in the heritage of each place and easy exploration of their surroundings.

The starting point for this new hotel adventure is the village of Chambolle Musigny in Burgundy, an exceptional wine-growing region whose sensibility and values extend far beyond wine. Here, the richness of the land comes to life through a culture of hospitality supported by exceptional products, world-renowned gastronomy, and places full of soul and character.

Opening September 2024