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A country dream in a green setting

In the heart of the national forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, at the bend of a path, the Maison du Val takes up residence in a former hunting lodge of the Sun King that has the gift of dazzling. In the heart of its 4-hectare wooded park, discover a sleeping beauty, 49 rooms in dreamy hues, work and social spaces, a lavishly decorated restaurant and a multitude of experiences. The perfect country house in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

Good to know

Check-in & check-out
  • Check-in from 4 p.m.
  • Check-out until 12 noon
Room types
  • Double rooms
  • Connecting rooms
  • Family rooms for 3 and 4
How to get here
  • By train: RER line A terminus - 20min. Line L - 20min
  • By car: Via D159, A14 or A86 from Paris La Défense 20 min
  • By bus: Line 2 - Maisons-Laffitte station, Château du Val stop - 25 min

La Table

All-you-can-eat homemade

A table open to all

At La Maison du Val, cooking is friendly and authentic. Our cuisine is entirely homemade, seasonal, fresh and full of vitamins. Here, freedom is the name of the game, as each guest serves himself or herself according to his or her appetite, with everything on the table. Offered in the form of richly garnished buffets, it features recipes to share and tasty specialties. It's the promise of healthy, happy moments.

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Colonel Mustard in the library

La Maison du Val is all about the unexpected and the surprise behind every door. But also a few glimpses into the luxury of another era. The perspective of enfilade lounges impresses, and the nooks and crannies that you can guess arouse your curiosity.

The activities

In a green setting
Bains Nordiques Maisons du Val Very Special Hotels

Bathing in greenery

Heated Nordic baths, facing nature, for a moment of relaxation.

Nordic baths
Massages Maison du Val Very special hotels

Recharge your batteries

Expert hands delicately placed on your back, fairy fingers untie every knot, energies recirculate and your body thanks you. Enjoy a massage to release all your tension and forget the little worries of everyday life.

Cinéma Maison du Val Les Hôtels très particuliers

Seeing the classics again and again

In the subdued atmosphere of the cinema, comfortably seated in an armchair, the films unfold, transporting young and old alike.

Kids Club Maison du Val Very Special Hotels


A selection of activities and workshops to enjoy with your little playmates, to the delight of parents enjoying a day off.

Kids club
Gaming Room Maison du Val Very Special Hotels

Winning and having fun

Under the watchful gaze of the ancestors lined up in the portrait gallery, the players challenge each other and perfect their playing techniques. In the euphoria of the game, time flies by.

Gaming room
Rosalie Maison du Val Very Special Hotels

Being the fifth wheel

Straight out of another era, reminiscent of the joys of childhood, these pedal-powered cars are the preferred means of transport for strolling the park's paths.

Yoga Maison du Val Very Special Hotels

Open your chakras

Take advantage of the surrounding calm to unclench your body, deepen the alignment of your postures and breathe all the way to the tips of your toes.

Board games Maison du Val Les Hôtels très particuliers

Type the cardboard

A great selection of board games to bring young and old together around a common goal: winning!

Board games
Ateliers Villiers le Mahieu Les Hôtels très particuliers

Becoming an artist

Compose a herbarium, paint on plates, make beaded necklaces, mold a candleholder, learn to embroider... unveil your artistic talents at our creative workshops.


Maison du Val

Route Forestière des Brancas

78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye