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Bibliothèque Maison du Val Les Hôtels Très Particuliers
Mise en scène disco party la Folie Douce Les Hôtels Très Particuliers
Interior view of relaxation area Villiers le Mahieu Les Hôtels Très Particuliers
Outside view of Le Monetier Les Hôtels Très Particuliers
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For experiences that don't stop at the threshold of the room, the Les Hôtels ( Très) Particuliers group brings to life powerful concepts that defy the norm.

Festive dinner Les Hôtels Très Particuliers

Sometimes all you have to do is set down your suitcases and you're in for a surprise.

Whether it’s contemporary design you’re looking for or a quaint cottage feel, our hotels embrace their roots, adapting to the landscapes and terrain that surround them.
We like to raise the bar up and above the norm. Our hospitality is unique in that is almost contradicts itself: the days are as indulgent as the nights, the personnel, while professional, will make you feel like family. Even our uniforms reject uniformity.
We breathe new life into our locations to shake up the sector.

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Girl in a relaxation area Les Hôtels Très Particuliers

The attention paid to each of our locations reflects more than just a desire for constant innovation; it is above all about creating memories that will never lack soul. While each of our brands asserts its uniqueness, all have been designed to deliver on a promise of conviviality. Colleagues on a seminar stopover, families who return to their favorite destination year after year, groups of friends who leave having widened their circle even further. Taking mountain holidays off the beaten track, uprooting certainties about vacations between wine and vineyards. Our group is constantly exploring new lands and ideas to find the next place to join the fold of one of our concepts.

We offer immersive stays that take the routine out of life!

Lunch plate and cook Les Hôtels Très Particuliers

All our guests are hedonists never far away when it's time to eat.

Menus offer gastronomic delights according to each region. In the mountains, the dining experience is in tune with both bistronomy and cheese specialties: raclettes, fondues and croziflettes make up the top three. At Les Maisons de Campagne, the generous buffets display country-style flavors. The gourmet dishes are made to be shared: seasonal soups, chicken to brighten up a Saturday lunch, madeleines and mirabelle plum tarts.

Woman doing yoga outdoor space Les Hôtels Très Particuliers

In each hotel, guests discover a range of sportive and cultural activities selected according to the concept, location and assets.

The bucolic setting of Les Maisons de Campagne hotels blends with the joys of free access; from activities to food, everything is designed to make the most of a light-hearted getaway. And the impression of having returned to one's pied-à-terre becomes clearer, while the lounges and armchairs invite you to bask and the activities follow on from one another as you wish. As for the children, they're putting the finishing touches to their herbariums, inventing stories with fanfare, and looking forward to the Sunday evening film show. But these bewildering experiences can also be enjoyed at other altitudes, and in other ways. La Folie Douce takes its guests to the Alps for a more delirious escape, immersing guests in the festivities from the moment they arrive.

Restaurant plate with vegetables Les Hôtels Très Particuliers

The originality of each concept encourages us to go a little bit further, by carefully selecting our partners.

We prefer to use the beverages of a local brewer and the products of a breeder who has made the region famous. To avoid following an overly conventional industrial logic, our group implements logistics that prioritize the delivery of local delights.

Cycling in a park Les Hôtels Très Particuliers

The Les Hôtels (Très) Particuliers group is involved in a green key labeling program, committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and with the ambition of moving towards more sustainable tourism. The clef verte/green key label confirms the hotel's ongoing, dynamic environmental management and responsible practices.


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Each of our locations is unique.

Exterior view with statue of Château de Villiers le Mahieu Les Hôtels Très Particuliers

Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu

45 minutes from Paris, in the heart of a 12-hectare park planted with trees, Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu takes visitors by surprise. Once through the gates of this large historic building, surrounded by a moat, the warm and friendly atmosphere is revealed. Days are punctuated by gourmet delights, walks or bike rides in the gardens, a multitude of activities and moments of relaxation at the spa.

Interior view decoration La Maison du Val Les Hôtels Très Particuliers

La Maison du Val

In the heart of the forest of Saint Germain à Laye, close to the city yet so far from its hustle and bustle, the Maison du Val radiates its flamboyant past. In the succession of salons, high ceilings and moldings recall the splendor of this former hunting lodge of Louis XIV, while the contemporary decor, play areas and dreamlike hues mark a starting point for a new story.

Exterior view Bellevigne Les Hôtels Très Particuliers

Bellevigne (coming soon)

Bellevigne has imagined a collection of places combining lifestyle and wine. By offering destinations enhancing the moments shared around wine and bringing to light the best of each region's heritage they encourage France's wine-growing regions.

Staging people in red La Folie Douce Les Hôtels Très Particuliers

La Folie Douce Hotels Chamonix

La Folie Douce Hotels whisks guests away to the Alps for a fun-filled escape. Immersing guests in the festivities from the moment they arrive, the atmosphere electrifies even before they've unpacked their luggage. And the next day, everything is transformed into a cabaret where the show is enjoyed with a glass of Cabernet. 

View of Le Monetier hotel Les Hôtels Très Particuliers

Hotel Le Monêtier

Located in the heart of one of Europe's highest valleys, the Serre Chevalier valley, Hôtel Le Monêtier offers spectacular views of snow-capped peaks!

View of Le Rock Noir hotel Les Hôtels Très Particuliers

Hotel Le Rock Noir

In the heart of the Serre Chevalier valley, just a few meters from the Avaret ski lifts, the Hôtel Rock Noir invites you to unwind. Gourmet cuisine, subtly blended cocktails, cosy rooms and a wellness area with indoor pool: here, you can put down your bags and enjoy the pleasures of the mountains.

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